Shorts, like t-shirts, are a more recent fashion development. Why it took until modern times for people to realize that being needlessly hot wasn’t fun we’ll never understand, but the fact of the matter is what we consider shorts only came into fashion over the last two hundred years. When you consider how long humans have been wearing clothes, that’s a drop in the bucket. On a slightly related note, when is the toga making a comeback? Back on topic, through the early days of shorts, they held an immature connotation for men as it was primarily young boys who wore shorts. 


Attitudes toward men wearing shorts began to soften when soldiers who served in the Pacific theater of World War II found a fondness for shorts and brought that back with them. The Pacific is also where many American men first found a similar fondness for the t-shirt. Over time, attitudes towards men wearing shorts has softened even further, to the point that now khaki shorts and a polo are now acceptable business casual apparel in many industries during hot months, in no small part thanks to the love affair between business and gold. 


Here’s hoping shorts continue to seep into the popular consciousness, because they are extremely comfortable and pragmatic. 


We may not be able to help men out with shorts, but we do have awesome custom short options for cheerleaders that can be customized in our designer tool. However, we do have collared shirts that when paired with khaki shorts make for a great summer business uniform. Whatever your needs, you can select the perfect option for your situation and customize it to your liking. Our designer tool is user friendly and gives you the power to create exactly the custom gear you need. You can even upload your own image.

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