You’ve seen it over, and over, and over again in restaurant after restaurant. No shoes, no shirt, not service. Well, what about pants? Can you stroll into your favorite eatery with your finest shirt, shined up shoes, and a lack of trousers? No, of course you can’t. That’s ridiculous. They don’t have to list pants on the most informal of dress codes because nobody would think it’s okay to walk into a restaurant without pants. It goes without saying. There are places in public where a shirt and shoes are optional, like a pool, or a beach, or a basketball court. You know what all of those places have in common? You have to wear pants! 


Sorry to dash your dreams of a pants-free society, but WhoopTee would like to offer you a bit of modest consolation. If you have to wear pants (and really, really do), at least make them a reflection of who your are buy making your own custom pants online with WhoopTee. While you’re designing a custom hoodie, why not create custom sweatpants to go with it? You’ve just been upgraded from wearing two unaffiliated articles of clothing to a full-fledged, honest to goodness outfit. 


You can decorate your custom pants with lettering, clip art, or even upload your own images. You can print on both sides of the pants as well. If you’re looking to give yourself a bumper sticker, the flip side is fair play. You may not have an option not to wear pants, but when you’re designing your custom trousers with WhoopTee you have plenty of design options from front to caboose. No shoes, no shirt, no pants, no service; that’s just how it is. With WhoopTee, it’s more like shirt, pants, shorts, no problem. Enjoy your shirt, enjoy your pants, and enjoy free shipping on us.

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