Ever play Russian Roulette? Maybe not, but if you ever visit the Midwest in the fall you may feel like it.  The weatherman is as frenetic as Carrie Mathison from Homeland (great show; you gotta watch it.)  Everyday it swings from 40 degrees and rainy to a high of 70 by mid-afternoon.  The next day is consistently windy, sunny and 55; only to be followed by a weekend of sleet, sun and tornado warnings.  It’s one thing to make it through Halloween with predictably-unpredictable weather; it’s another to make it through the fall in seasonably comfortable clothing.  Thus the conundrum: shorts or pants?


Guide to Shorts or Pants:


Weather- Under 65 is always weather for pants. No one is hot in that reasonable temperature; however, most who wear shorts would claim they wearing them because "it's warm enough."  Warm enough? Reason not good enough, for me. Try the Bella+Canvas Ladies Straight Leg Fleece Sweatpants


Occasion - Shorts are always acceptable at outdoor festivities like BBQ's or pool parties.  Start preparing for next season with Badger Ladies Cheerleader Shorts in 5 different colors!  Lightweight, cotton and comfortable; with a 3’ inseam, you’ll be able to show off those toned legs.


Versatility - Pants are more transitional pieces than shorts - end of story.  There are days when you throw something on in the morning, never anticipating where the day will take you.  For those kinds of days, you’ll need a pair (or two) of Gildan Dryblend Open Bottom Pocketed Sweatpants.  The cotton-polyster blend keep colors bright; pockets are great for keep a little cash on hand or playing tennis.  


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