If you can’t gather it from the name of our site, WhoopTee is all about custom t-shirts. Well, that isn’t totally accurate. Yes, custom t-shirts are our specialty, and we do them quite well (with the help of your creativity and customization). That being said, we are not ALL about custom t-shirts.  Sometimes people forget that we also offer custom pants, and that’s a shame. Everything you can say about our custom t-shirts (affordability, easy customization, free shipping, etc.) you can say about our collection of pants and shorts. So why stop at making a custom t-shirt online when you can create an entire custom outfit with WhoopTee?


With our user-friendly designer tool, you can easily create a stunning pair of custom pants the same as you can a custom t-shirt. Our tool allows you the full range of customization, including fonts, colors, clip art, and the ability to upload your own image. 


Your Custom Outfit


Try to come up with an overarching style. You can pick two products with matching colors for your shirt and pants, or pick two colors that compliment each other. Another avenue would be to choose two different colors for your shirt and pants, and then reverse those colors for the font and graphics. For example, let’s say you picked a red shirt and white pants. You could then choose fonts and graphics for the shirt in white, and pants in red. Inverting the colors is a neat effect. 


If you’ve designed a pattern in a graphic design program and want to upload it, that’s fine also. You should consider using that pattern in a way that it works on both parts of your outfit. The more they appear to be pieces of a puzzle, the more complete and impressive looking your custom outfit will be. 


Here is the biggest thing to remember: experiment! If you don’t like something, it isn’t permanent and you can simply erase the layer and try something else. The only limit to the customization options is your imagination, and the only limit to your imagination is your willingness to try new and different things.

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