We run down plenty of good reasons to order your custom t-shirts through WhoopTee.com. Some of those reasons are value-based, like the ability to order a single t-shirt or the fact that our orders ship for free. Most, though, are technologically inclined. The convenience, the ease of t-shirt creation, and the creative freedom you have when designing your t-shirt all come via two technological achievements: the world wide web and our designer tool. 


The designer tool allows you to create your own t-shirt online quickly and easily. You can choose a product, like a t-shirt, hoodie, pet t-shirt, or even pants. You can then choose colors, fonts, clip art, or upload your own images. Technology is grand. 


What we want to cover in this line is the value you get from WhoopTee that DOESN’T come from technology. No, we would like to highlight the human factor. When you order from WhoopTee, you get our guarantee. We take customer service very, very seriously. 


If you have any questions at all that aren’t answered to your satisfaction in our guides, which cover everything from apparel for partners to youth tees and everything in between, give us a call at 888-841-5823. A member of our team will discuss your issue with you and do anything in our power to make it right. 


That doesn't mean we’re only here for you if something is wrong or you get hung up. Our customer service reps check every order to make sure there are no issues with the design before it is printed. We check to make sure nothing looks off, or off center, to make sure that there are no issues and the finished product matches your vision and your design. We have your back.

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