We talk all the time about how user-friendly our designer tool is because it gives our customers the freedom to choose their product, colors, font, and graphics and arrange them in any way they want. They can also put names, numbers, and type on the back side of the shirt. They can even upload their own image, provided it’s in the proper file format and they own the copyright. That can also be a bit of a problem. Sometimes, too much freedom is a curse. It can be hard to figure out what you want in your design, or even what you want to say. That’s why you may need to get your creative juices flowing and put yourself in the right frame of mind to design. 


First, try looking at t-shirts you admire. If you’re going for a funny, cool t-shirt for yourself or others for fun, look around and take note of some shirts you like. We’re not telling you to copy other shirts, far from it. It is important, however, to note WHY you like the shirts you do. This can give you invaluable insight into design features that work. What about the composition is most striking to you? How do the texts and images interplay? How does the color of the shirt work with the color of the type or graphics? These are questions you must ask yourself as you break down a cool design. 


You can also try sketching your shirt out on a piece of paper. While WhoopTee.com is paperless, sometimes it’s a good idea to use a paper mockup to collect your thoughts. You can scribble, erase, and see if you can get the bones of your idea down so that you’re not overwhelmed by a blank t-shirts staring at you in the designer tool. 


Another option is to throw your hands up and call in professional help. You can check back here in our guide section for plenty of good tidbits about creating t-shirts, design ideas, help using the designer tool, and practical applications for your t-shirt creation. You can also use one of our pre-made templates to get you started. You can add your own information and customize the designs to fit your needs. Sometimes, all you need is a solid starting point.

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