Easily the coolest part about WhoopTee (and there are many) is our design tool, which allows you to create your own t-shirt online with ease. We know there may be that little nagging thing in the back of your mind telling you “hey, self, what if this doesn’t upload right? What if I messed it up? Did I read my shirt carefully enough? Is it properly centered? Is my design going to end up printed on the arm pit?”


You don’t have to worry friend, we have you covered. Our customer service department will check for hiccups in your order, making sure you have the proper sizing, checking the placement of your design, making sure what needs to be centered is, checking the spelling and line spacing, and making sure your image uploads properly. Long before anyone in production ever touches your order, your friends at customer service have already checked it over. If we can find anything with your order that seems “off”, we’ll get in touch with you and fix the issue. We have your back (and front). 


When we say we guarantee our high standard of quality, we mean it. Don’t be afraid to call us at 1-888-841-5823 with any questions. We are here to help you into the best custom t-shirt you’ve ever had, and we want you to say that every time you open a package from WhoopTee. Make sure that when you do jump for joy in your brand new tee that you take a picture and upload it to our photo submission page. If we share your picture on our social media, you get 20% off your next order. For organizations looking for a little extra public awareness, here’s your chance to double-dip. Go ahead, we’re not looking.

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