Nothing is more frustrating than hitting a wall creatively. This is true in any creative medium, but it is especially infuriating when trying to design a custom t-shirt online. You either have it finished and ordered, or all your work is out the window. Sometimes, you may even have it just the way you want but need one more piece of information before ordering. We’re happy to say, you won’t lose your work with WhoopTee. In our easy to use designer tool, you can save your work as you go. 


All you have to do is create an account. Once you have your custom t-shirt exactly the way you like it, simply click on the floppy disc “Save” icon in the left-hand corner of the designer tool and you will save your work of art. To access all of your works of art, simply click on the “My Designs” icon and you will be able to access all of the designs you have saved or ordered on This way, you can go back and re-order a previous design you have purchased, or make changes to it in the designer tool. This feature makes sure that your work never goes to waste. 


Once you order or reorder your t-shirt, your design will be shipped to you for free in two weeks. To know exactly when your t-shirt will arrive, check the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If you want a hard copy and  want to print out a copy of your order for your records, simply click the “Print” icon. We strive to make ordering and designing t-shirts as fun and frustration-free as humanly possible. The name of the game at is convenience. If you need more ideas for your custom t-shirts, check out the rest of our guides.

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