Fire up the bunsen burners, thrown on your white coat. grab your beakers, and whip out your scalpel; it’s time to dissect WhoopTee. This is for our science buffs out there. When it comes time to get your science club t-shirts, this is the place to go. Don’t believe us? That’s ok, you’re a scientist; you need proof. Let’s turn to the scientific method for answers. 


Step 1: Ask a Question


This one is pretty strait forward. Where is the best place to get custom t-shirts?


Step 2: Do Research


Go ahead, shop around. We’re confident that our combination of quality, affordability, convenience and customer service can stack up against anyone else in the game.


Form Your Hypothesis


The hypothesis is essentially your educated guess. Once you’ve done your research, you can use that guide your hypothesis. In this case, WhoopTee is the best place to get custom t-shirts. 


Test Your Hypothesis


This is where the experiment comes into play. Come up with fields to test us against our competitors, like affordability, quality, convenience, speed, and overall experience. We’re warning you, our designer tool will tip the balance of this contest. 


Analyze the Data


Now that you’ve done your experiment, analyze the data you’ve collected. Compare and contrast the results from the different subjects you’ve tested. Add up the positives, and the negatives, and decide which website is your top pick for custom tees. 


Show Your Results


Once your experiment is complete, share your findings online and let the world know what you’ve discovered. When you find that you’re one of the droves of people who have discovered the magic of WhoopTee, spread the word. Upload a picture of you in your custom tee and if we share it on our social media, we’ll give you 20% off your next order.

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