So much goes into making your custom tee, and it’s easy to have some of the finer details slip your mind, either because they’re things that never occurred to you or because you have so much more to worry about. That’s where your friends at WhoopTee have your back. Here are a few things your should think about when creating your custom t-shirt online that you may not have considered. 


1. Check the Minimum Order


One of the best features of is allowing you to create a custom tee online with our designer tool and order just one. It’s perfect for those little pet projects, one time use, or novelty tees when you just want one for you, and not an entire order as many sites make you buy. There are times, however, when you want a product that isn’t of the no minimum variety. Just above the color options will be the minimum required order. For example, the Badger B-Dry Hook Shirt, a sporty and stylish collared shirt, is available in orders of six or more. The Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt is available in orders of six or more as well. Be sure to check the minimum order amount, so that you don’t design a tee, or hoodie, or pair of pants, that you’re excited about then have to start all over again because you don’t need six of them. 


2. Consider Your Audience


Let’s say you’re doing some fundraising and you want to cast a wide net. Your shirt isn’t geared at any particular niche. Go with a unisex t-shirt. If you’re looking to target women, don’t go with a generic option. Choose one of our options specifically designed for women/girls. If you’re selling to a young crowd, hoodies are all the rage and may be a better option than a t-shirt. Just make sure to consider your audience before you make a decision. 


3. Timing, Timing, Timing


This one may see like common sense, but don’t try to sell a hoodie in July. Don’t try to sell a sleeveless tee in January. Selling your products in season seems like the most logical approach, but don’t sleep on selling them just BEFORE they’re in season. Selling a hoodie in September with fall months just around the corner works. So does selling a tank top in March or April when the flowers are blooming. 


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