When ordering custom t-shirts online, there are plenty that you should consider. Our guides cover plenty of “dos” for ordering custom tees, but in this guide we thought we’d cover a few “don’ts”, which can be just as important. 


Bad Customer Service


Bad customer service is unacceptable in any business, but when you are creating custom t-shirts for someone it becomes even more important. There are variables that can cause issues, and without good customer service, it’s impossible to get those issues fixed. When it comes to creating a design, there are questions that crop up. This is where a helpful customer service rep can make or break your order. Plus, attentive reps can make sure issues are corrected before printing. This is why we take great pride in our customer service. 


Slow Pokes


Nobody likes to wait. This is an indisputable fact. That’s why you shouldn't have to put up with slow printers. Once you submit your design, WhoopTee will have your shirt printed and shipped to you in two weeks. Just check the upper right hand corner of your screen to know when it will arrive. Nobody likes uncertainty


Paying for Shipping


Paying for shipping sucks, and we’ve seen shipping and handling fees disappear all across commerce. WhoopTee is no different. Our orders ship for free, and you can bank on that. Next time you see a purchase price that seems way too low to be true, check the details. Chances are, it involves ridiculous shipping charges. 


Errors That Aren’t Corrected 


“An error doesn't become a mistake until your fail to correct it.” - JFK


Errors happen, and they happen to everyone, us included. However, we promise to do everything we can to correct these errors. That’s why we have the WhoopTee Guarantee, which promises exceptional customer service and quality. Anyone who doesn't offer the same doesn't deserve your business. 



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