We, the proprietors and staff of WhoopTee, in an effort to provide a more perfect online custom t-shirt experience, do ordain and establish the WhoopTee Bill of Rights. Our customers are entitled to these freedoms and rights when shopping online for custom t-shirts on WhoopTee.com


Freedom of Design


WhoopTee gives our customers the freedom to design a custom t-shirt exactly the way they want. This includes choosing the shirt, choosing the color, choosing fonts and graphics, even uploading your own image. 


Freedom from Surprise Charges


When ordering from WhoopTee, you are free from surprises when it comes to your bill. Use our free quote tool to find out exactly how much your order will cost and see how variables you select for your order affect the price in real time. 


The Right to Free Shipping


Speaking of extra charges, paying for shipping is unacceptable. This is why all of our customers have the right to free shipping. Your order will be shipped to you in two weeks free of charge in the 48 contiguous states. 


The Right to High Quality


Our customers are guaranteed high quality orders that are filled as promised. We even have a separate guarantee. We have staff who ensures that the designs created by our customers are centered and ready to be printed without mistakes. If there is an issue, we contact our customers to resolve the problem before it happens. We also vow to rectify any issues to the best of our ability. 


The Right to Alternatives


If shirts aren’t your style, you have the right to alternatives. We have custom hoodies, custom pet clothes, custom pants and shorts, and custom jerseys, among others. 


Freedom from Minimum Orders


While we do have certain items that require a minimum order, we have options available that can be ordered with no minimum so you can get just one shirt for yourself or a friend. 


With these rights, we give you the promise of a better online custom t-shirt experience. We are here to serve you, and give you the best t-shirt experience possible with all the rights and freedoms associated with it.a

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