One of my favorite things about being part of the Whoop Team is getting to research, design and pair custom shirts.  T-shirts and jeans are always classic; hoodies and yoga pants are transitioning out of the gym and onto the street; and matching apparel with you pet is an art that’s nearly taken for granted these days.  The most exciting days are when we add new apparel to our product line.  We all search through colors and styles with our minds buzzing, ultimately ending in an odd, synchronized state of mind . . . “I think I need that . . .”


If you and your group of friends are anything like us, then take a few fashion pointers from our fall catalog:


Athletic Looks: It’s no secret that our society has taken casual wear out of the living room and into the world.  It began with clothing for yoga and has extended into modern, fitness wear.  Shirts like the Badger B-Dry Core Hook shirt can transition from the tennis court to the sports bar with the easy switch from running shorts to khaki shorts.


Ladies yoga pants, like those from Bella+Canvas, can be worn from the gym to lunch to the grocery store and back to pick up the kids after school.  They’re durable, lightweight and stretch to fit a variety of figures.


Sweats & Stuff: Hoodies can get a bad rap for enveloping the person wearing them, but we like lighten the look with other long sleeve options.  Instead of thick, fleece or cotton, add a lightweight zip-up to your wardrobe, like the Alternative Unisex Eco-Jersey Hooded Full-Zip jacket.  It’s perfect for layering or wearing alone.  Pair with durable cargo pants or a tennis skirt and you’re ready for a weekend getaway.  Break tradition and choose custom apparel you and your husband can share!  


Clean and Classic: One of our favorite looks for fall and winter lie within the classic shirt-jean combination.  Check out this flowy option from Bella Ladies Flowy Long Sleeve T-Shirt.  When you see this shirt in black, it will have you thinking - movies, dinner and cocktails for a night on the town.  Easily matched with jeans and boots or dressed up with a skirt and ballet flats, this flowy look will last for years!


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